Thursday, March 15, 2007

Interview reflections

I had a lot of thinking lately. I thought I might share some of my thoughts. Let's say I had this interview for Emerce and ofcourse... the good things of interviews is that it makes you reflect on what you said and what you didn't said, or what has been said..
There was one sentence that stroke me in a special way but I couldn't recall what it was, and now I have found it, just today. During the interview, Toine the interviewer and me had an exchange on what could be the potential of these MiniFizz avatars and the Channel MiniFizz, and quite soon came the words, could they be digital fitting dolls ...that's where I felt there was something I should sort out for myself. Are MiniFizz Popp's digital fitting dolls...No they aren't ! That's what it is all about...if you say fitting , you're talking about sizes ! And that reminds me the painfull experience of Europe's first major collapse, online retailer
What would be the major difference between Boo and Minifizz; Apart from the huge capital they had available? Apart from the fact that we are 8 years later and internet hopping and buying stuff online has become the most common thing on earth.? Well, probably it's emotion and fun.MiniFizz isn't about wich size should I take but is a very funny way to explore your looks and enjoy the dressing experience,it's a way to self-expression, a way to get to know others and very unambitiously having fun with clothes the same way boys have fun with speed! And boy, didn't that work out well? There are a countless number of games based on very basic pleasure experiences. it even gives the impression that we allow ourselves to have shameless fun with things we wouldn't allow in real live.
Does that mean there's no buying act Minifizz channel what concerns clothing? Indeed, in that way, MiniFizz channel works as a portal for clothing brands.but a portal that keeps it's members easily playing a half hour with the available clothing, exploring, trying out, exchanging opinions and organising contests. Not a bad starting point to end with an online shopping act on one of the brands online sites, no?


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