Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Canal MiniFizz™ The world of mobile services goes feminine !

PARIS Feb. 10. Cityneo - services for mobile phones - and Flow - content creator -, collaborate to launch « Canal MiniFizz» targeting young mobile phone feminine users (14-25 years old).

Free registration of a MiniFizz account and creation of a MF Popps. When connecting to Canal MiniFizz, a user will become a MiniFizz herself with the creation of her own avatar with her own looks (including piercing, tattoos) using « MiniFizz Popp's » ; then she can share her life and her emotions with other members of the community in her « FizzBlog » , a web and mobile based blog. Posting an image by MMS or a live comment from wherever we are becomes so easy.

Canal MiniFizz™ is presented in exclusivity during the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona on February 14th, 2006. It will be available in web and mobile in most European countries current 2006.

3GSM Barcelona 2006 13th 16th Booth CZO64

One of the reasons for a terribly negligated blog on mobile, I should say...well what is better...blogging about mobile or making mobile come true...ok, ok, just tried to find an excuse


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