Saturday, October 15, 2005

Have a look at this..It would be great on the mobile phone

Have a peak at this active essay. I want them on my mobile!!
active essay
Hmm...this kind of thingies if find extremely yummie...I always have the impression that I understand something more of this weird universe, even if it is just an impression. Have a look at these active essays from Mitchel Resnick and Brian Silverman.
I contacted them and here is his response:

hi Sabine,

"Exploring Emergence" uses a really simple applet that we wrote many years back. Amazingly enough it was written for java 1.02 and we haven't had any reason to update it.

None of us here have any experience with J2ME yet so we won't be able to do a quick port. We are, however, planning on doing some cell phone based projects in the coming months so it's quite likely that we will eventually get the thing working as a midlet.

I'd be happy to send you the source code if you or someone else there has the time and ability to get the port done more quickly. Like you, I'm also quite curious to see how it looks on a phone.

Brian (Silverman)
So now I am very thrilled to get these things working on a cell...don't ask why...I just have to try it and ...well it matches somehow with MiniFizz spirit. So if someone feels like giving this a try ...