Thursday, September 08, 2011

StyleCoach app featured in Kwintessens Magazine

StyleCoach is a smart fashion app (iPhone/iPad)using gamification for e-commerce.
Need 5 reasons to contact StyleCoach to integrate your fashion brand or make a customised app for your brand?

1. you look for a way to stay in touch with INTERESTED customers and love the idea of daily fashion dose look for a way to INCREASE the numbers of fans of your FB brandpage and love the way how your customers will be able to post outfit challenges with your brand to FB

3. you believe that nowadays'customers start the day checking mail/FB messages, with StyleCoach they will also be checking their fashion news right on their avatar. A DAILY dose of fashion! You have a promotion to notify, they love to hear about it.

4. you believe that e-commerce is a big deal, but customers get tired of too many items thrown at them without any sense or order; Stylecoach proposes a styled selection to your customers, provides you a tool to deliver them styling tips, Fb feedback and even customised advise if desired. believe that women are mobile and women shop mobile or look for inspiration before shopping when they have time to kill eg being on the road, being mobile.

Drop me a note at or +32 489 46 33 19

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